Octav D.
       Strategic Innovation Adviser 


Octav developed his leadership skills during a 10-year experience in management for a top Romanian consulting company. He then decided to use his expertise to build an ecosystem with remarkable people that addresses the problems companies are encountering. Octav wants to fill a gap on the market by providing innovative solutions, new business models and impactful marketing. He developed the business from the concept of synergy, a focused combined effort of different talents directed to the development of all human-beings.

In pursuit of knowledge he was inspired by several brilliant Romanian and English teachers during his studies in the fields of Psychology, Law, Communication and Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and Management.
He considers himself a citizen of the world with a great admiration for the English Culture and its values.
Octav is passionate about systematic inventive thinking techniques. He expanded his research on innovation during a PhD Scholarship for the Romanian Academy - Institute of National Economy.  


Having reached a fluent level of Japanese after one year abroad in Japan, 3 years in the University of Bucharest and 2 years in a Japanese company in London, Lumi thought it would be a great idea to start learning about another domain as well, that of marketing. Studying marketing in the Alternative University, she got amazed how interesting branding can be and how it fit in with her other interests. 

Whenever she is not reading any Mel Robbins or Paulo Coleho book she finds, she likes hiking and loves to tell the story about the time she went on a hike on Mount Fuji. Lumi is  also  passionate about poetry, caligraphy, opera and theatre. She enjoys spending time with her friends either at home, park or their favourite cafe.

Lumi M. 
Marketing Strategist

Tina L. 
Strategic Planner


Tina’s interests in entrepreneurship, innovation and creative writing fuelled a true passion for communicating through digital marketing and brand storytelling. As a Strategic Planner at Syncreate, she is involved in developing marketing strategies, generating ideas and crafting copy for a variety of communications. 

Tina has been a member of various teams over the years, with roles such as customer service representative, team leader, digital copywriter. Currently an MBA student in U.S, she loves to navigate her roles with data understanding, strategic thinking and creative delivery.  


Aura has a strong writing background with more than 3 years in online specialized press. At Syncreate she brings our clients brands to life. She builds Brand Personalities and the story each product has to say. 

Aura has a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Advertising and a Masters Degree in Human Resources. Her hobbies and interests outside the office revolve around general wellbeing, rigorous sports and massive reading.

Aura C.
Brand Strategy Consultant

Catalin B. 
Senior Art Director


Catalin has more than 21 years of experience in Advertising industry. He worked on projects for renowned brands such as Carlsberg, Lays, Kinder, Durex, Hugo Boss, Google, GSK amongst others.

He was the Senior Designer or the Art Director for top agencies like Graffiti BBDO, Headvertising, Lowe & Partners, Starlink - Leo Burnett Group, NEXT Advertising, before leaving the agency world for a much quieter role.

He now lives in Frankfurt and he loves to travel.


Alin is currently working on his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in a Program at the Politehnica University in Bucharest. 

Technology and research  with a focus on connectivity and Internet of Things is what his work focuses on. (He is the guy that can program your fridge to talk to you and warn you when you are out of milk.)

Among other informational products he develops innovative apps for Android and iOS ready to be used on smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs. He often talks about his latest projects on digital modelling and prototyping for 3D printing. 

Alin C
Software Development Engineer

Daniel A. 
Software Engineer


Daniel is a Software Engineer involved in providing the best IT solutions for our clients. He is  PhD Student in Computational Intelligence Algorythms at Politehnica University in Bucharest. 

He is a web and software developer with a strong passion for deep learning, innovation and developing Advanced Technology for Digital Imaging. He currently works on different projects involving cutting-edge technology with face recognition, motion detection, gesture recognition and videotracking features. 

Daniel is enthusiastic especially about software development for no-pilot flight machines like drones focusing on image processing and computer vision programs. 


Corina worked as a journalist for the television as a production coordinator, scripting and directing both TV travel shows and audio-visual managing brand campaigns for foreign destination authorities starting 2005. From this position she got the chance to work on short films, fiction, publicity spots, music videos, documentaries, a large range of the cinema potential overall.

She is currently working on multiple projects in the movie world in positions such as Director, Scriptwriter, Production Manager and PR. As for her personal works, she is focused on exploring ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death, love, escapism, aspects of consciousness, humanist spirituality, mystical traditions, fiction versus documentary.

Corina H. 
Media Consultant



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