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We address today`s challenges with a 360° approach:

  • strategic planning and policies consulting; 
  • strategic marketing; 
  • organizational change management and innovation management using suitable formats;
  • training and workshops on design thinking, business model innovation, innovation & creativity, talent development; 
  • original tools; 
  • communities, events and activities.


Innovation Advisory

Innovation is not an option, it is essential for business survival and its growth.  
We advise you, assist and support you during the reinventing process of your organization, of your products and services:

 - deep market research and a much better understanding of your clients` needs 
- trends and projections in your field;
- design thinking applied to your product/services based on the new knowledge;
- redefining your company`s business model;
- implementing key events, IT solutions and communication models adapted to your goals
- permanent support during this process.



Innovation Marketing

The line between a product or service and its marketing doesn`t exist anymore.
In order to stay competitive your organization must allign to innovation in each function, including marketing. We offer:
- thorough marketing research 
- unique strategic positioning on the market as a result of products/services innovation generated by our merged efforts
- the latest methods and techniques in online marketing (automated lead generation)
- website development and e-commerce solutions
- working closely with your Marketing Department or filling the gap if you don`t have one.


Branding & Design

The customers perceive brands as characters. Characters have a certain personality.
Branding doesn`t mean drawing a logo on a few dollars, but crafting a personality masterpiece.
It`s science and art as well which translates into organizational success.
Your organization, your team, your products or services deserve a branding masterpiece? Why wait?
Our offer includes:
- building the brand identity
- identifying the core elements regarding the brand promise and values, engaging brand experiences
- developing a coherent visual identity using top design experts
- marketing and communication materials.



I.P Legal Advisory

In every field especially in creative industries, commerce, services, technology, gastronomy, medicine etc. innovation and IP assets are essential. Does your organization have patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and/or other forms of intellectual assets? 
There is a direct correlation between the Intellectual Property (IP) assets and the financial results.
We can focus on:
- IP audit, strategy, assets, portfolio development
- advice on tax regulation and strategy
- litigation/dispute support regarding IP
- IP infringement procedures
- trademark registration
- attract investments based on IP assets` value

Web Development

Your business strategy is completed by an impressive online presence. 

 Our software engineers ensure to provide:

- presentation websites;
- e-commerce solutions;
- app development for Android, iOS and Windows;
- e-learning platforms;
- online payment solutions integration;
- customization assistance. 
We work with web designers for sparkling visual results. 

At Syncreate we use internal Innovation advisory in an effort to deliver the latest trending technology solutions. 


Business Case Development

Raising money from angel investors is the result of applied expertise and careful planning every detail.
If you need to raise funding from VCs for your startup you must prepare the Business Case containing the details required by the investors in order to make an informed decision.
We discuss and sign the NDA agreement as a standard procedure in case some confidential information needs to be protected.
Our service includes:

- preliminary meetings with the team members
- IP advisory
- writing the Business Plan
- preparing the financial projections with an auditor
- writing the Executive Summary
- creating the pitch deck
- graphic design for the presentation materials/templates
- website development for the MVP
- planning the pitch with a media & PR expert.

Information Product Development

The biggest challenge in the services domain is scaling up. When you have clients you are very busy serving them and when you don`t have clients you are extremely busy looking for others. You need time and money at the same time to develop your business with new products and services, to enter new markets etc. But you only have one at best and you consume all your energy.
Selling info products online is the most cost-effective and oftentimes most profitable way to operate an online business.
Our service includes:
- discussion about the entrepreneur`s areas of expertise;
- analyzing and choosing the market with the biggest potential;
- planning the digital product development;
- helping you create the digital product(s);
- how to market the digital information products.
If you want to make money while you sleep this is it!



There are no limits of what your business can become if you make Innovation your priority.


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